As it was Samuel Hahnemann who not only discovered that like cures like but he also discovered the process of dynamisation and letting the energy from one substance go into a neutral substance (saccharum lacticum). Especially the latter development is of great importance. While he was thinking of possible remedies new he came across the limit of only being able to use plants because they were the only substance of which he could extract fluids to further dilute. But, being surrounded by doctors who prescribe mercury, arsenicum and other toxins, he wanted to find out what healing power other non-plant materials had.

The only problem was how do you give someone a diluted form of for instance ferrum when the ferrum doesn’t dissolve in water? The process of how he went from this problem to dynamisation is still unknown. We can however guess that his fascination with magnetism and the works of Franz Anton whatsinaname1Mesmer (1734-1815) were of some influence. Hahnemann wrote the following on the process of triturating: "Steel in itself is as cold as is flint. When both are sharply rubbed together for a brief period by means of raps they produce heat which is of such high degree that the steel fragments which fly off are glowing, which process pre-supposes a heat of 1,000°F. Horn, ivory, bone and the limestone known as "swinestone" have no odour of themselves, but if strongly rubbed the evil smell lying latent is liberated. Rubber in itself has no power of attraction; if vigorously rubbed it reveals this power and the more vigorous the friction the more effective the results. Also magnetic power is in a similar way transmitted to iron.”

It is this principle that is used in trituration: by using a neutral (porcelain) morter and pestle to grind a medication-substance with a neutral substance (saccharum lacticum) the energy will go from one to the other.

The first remedy he chose to triturate was aurum. The reason is not completely known but in the books of Nicholas Culpepper a gold cordial is advocated for the treatment of ailments caused by a decrease in the vital spirits, such as melancholy, fainting, fevers, and falling sickness. And during the 19th century (Hahnemann 1755-1843) it was already custom to treat syphilis patients with a gold preparation (actually an aurum muriaticum natronatum form). So aurum was already in use and was a tempting substance. He triturated it all the way to C10 (meaning ten series of triturating, each series taking one hour) and from there decided that the best working trituration to use as a base for further potentizing was the C3. Although he did write in his Materia Medica Pura: “By further trituration and dilution the power of gold is still more developed and spiritualized….”

So C4 homeopathy is just as Hahnemannian as the Q potencies are. In §270 of the sixth edition of the Organon he gives us the standard triturating process for all substances: the C3. Which was the standard for any homeopathic medicine until in the early nineties Withold Ehrler thought of trying a higher trituration level then C3 which led to the an extended theory which by now has been proven in practice over and over again.

In essence it comes down to the following:

During the trituration the person who is grinding the substance goes through a proving as the energy coming from the originating substance is not just transferring itself to the milk sugar, it is detaching itself from the substance and is spreading itself like a radiant field from the mortar. So the person grinding is also exposed and during the cycles of triturating this prover will notice symptoms in a certain order.

While triturating from crude substance to C1 most symptoms will be on the physical sphere: pain, hunger, thirst, itching, discomfort, physical sensations, etc.

The in the following C2 cycle most symptoms will be on an emotional level.

whatsinaname2Which leads us to the C3 where the key aspects of the mental sphere of the remedy will come out to express themselves. So it wasn’t strange that Hahnemann decided that C3 should be the basis for all remedies! But in the next cycle (C4) we will come across the more spiritual side of the remedy. Here lies not only the absolute essence of the remedy, this is also our deepest and most profound individual level of functioning. Within this layer lie our life purpose, our goal and pathway. Whenever we meet a patient who asks “Why is this always happening to me?” the remedy should come from at least the fourth trituration. Anyone struggling with these kind of spiritual questions should have a remedy coming from at least the C4 sphere. But! There is more. What if we went even higher? Well there are, according to Withold, 8 layers. But it is also possible that during a trituration a C4 essence comes up at an earlier fase or that the C4 essence will not reveal itself until even later (for instance diamond took several hours extra to reach the C4 essence information). But what are these other 4 layers?

Well C5 is our miasmatic, epidemic and archetypical layer. When we identify ourselves too much to a miasmatical pattern or archetype we need remedies from this layer. It’s field of reach is beyond our physical body and is no longer individual. We behave from a pattern without an individual basis. For instance when someone has over identified himself with the Christ archetype or is behaving purely from a sycotic pattern. In the C6 level the archetypes become bigger. This is where the collective archetypes are expressed and lived out. For instance living in a famine surrounded by epidemical disease. Also we can look at the C0 to C8 as a journey where C0 is just the outside. It is what, on a chemical level, feeds us or makes us sick. And from there you go in through layers C1, C2 and three to the very core of our human existence: the C4 level. C5 to C7 are beyond our corporal being and describe/form our personal and collective pathways. C8 is the reverse level. From a religious point of view you could say that C8 is where the body has died and the soul is in a higher sphere, beyond our reach, about to start it’s new incarnation from level C0.

Another interesting integration into homeopathy is the recent (but not new) way of looking at things in the Male – Female perspective. If you look at science. Most of our scientific evolution of the last 200 years has been extremely dominated by the male way of thinking: Can we prove? Can we put it under a microscope? Can we analyze? Can we describe in diagnostic criteria or in formula? Can we put in a structure?

While the female way is more based on intuition, feeling, synchronicity, morphogenetic fields and it isn't purely evidence based. In homeopathy it boils down to this: our repertory is very fragmented, complete symptoms are split up into little pieces and we often lose the bigger picture. None the less the repertory is treated as a book of mathematical laws but our prescriptions aren't getting the results they should.

Our modern materia medica are bringing back the essences, the bigger picture, the feeling a patient sends us across the table, we start to listen and feel our patients again.

In Hahnemann's days the largest part of the population probably functioned on a C1 to C2 level. Parallel to this you can hold the Maslov pyramid: material needs and basic safety were what held them throught the day.

While Hahnemann himself had the ability to look all the way to the miasmatical levels his own functioning was mostly on C3 which even for then was evolved. But nowadays we are far less stuck in this survival mode. We have the liberty to work on our personal development and question former assumptions. And while most of the western world is now stuck on C3 level (the thinking in opposites: right and wrong, good and bad) there is a growing number of people with C4 problems. In the C4 level it's not so much problems that people have, it's mostly questions. They feel stuck on their life’s pathway and they want answers, insights. Which shows this is the core of our human existence. Can you imagine the way of curing/helping patients when you can give them a homeopathic answer to their question?